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Exhibit :: Environments :: Experiential :: Hospitality :: POP
Bid Winning Design Confidential Innovative Collaborative
Over $100 Million in Conceptual Designs Developed
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Services, What We Can Do For You

Deliverables as Needed:

  • Full Color Digital Renderings / Dimensional Architecture
  • Full Color Prints: Delivered Mounted for Presentation
  • Inspiration & Research Materials / Brainstorming Secessions
  • Material Selection
  • Animations & Fly-Thu Visualizations
  • Varied Rendered Concepts in a Range of Styles
  • Multiple Stages of Development / Client Engagement
  • Pre-Visualizations & Ani-Matics
  • Sketch Concepts / Multiple Styles / Quick Turn Around
  • Multiple Configurations and Adaptive Planning
  • On-Site Presentation / Designers Perspective / Pitch Support

Design Services:

  • Exhibit Design: Custom Trade Show / Rental / Temporary Architecture / Exhibition
  • Environments: Mobile Events / Theme Parks / Sales Centers / Discovery Labs
  • Retail Spaces: Selling Spaces / Plan-a-grams / Product Featurettes
  • Hospitality: Hotels / Lounge / Restaurants / Nightclubs / Corporate Interiors
  • Point of Sale: Point of Purchase (POP) / Retail Kiosks
  • Blue Prints: CAD Detailed Construction Drawings / AIA Accredited
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Our Team, Who We Are

Iconics Creative Studio is a Chicago based team of top-talent designers, ready to design your next bid-winning job. We primarily service the custom exhibit industry as a collaborative design-only partner. Our talented team has worked with the most recognized brand names and top-tier leaders of industry. We have earned our place amongst the elite rank of international exhibit designers with over $100 million in conceptual designs. Though our creative process and unique outside perspective, we are able to deliver the essential creative edge. Our independent position allows you access to the industries top-talent without the burden of full time staffing, healthcare, and added overhead expense; thus keeping your team lean and efficient. We work closely with sales leaders to develop the vision - that meets the budget - that makes the sale. Your need to meet exceptionally tight deadlines is understood and the demand for confidentiality is innately ingrained. We are here to provide you and your team with the creative edge necessary to inspire and satisfy the most fastidious clients.

We design. You sell.

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